What is Luxury All About to the Modern Driver?

Is luxury about having the fastest, flashiest vehicle? Is it about the highest price tag? Perhaps it's a matter of exclusivity.

Volvo Vice President of Interior Design, Robin Page, joined a panel of experts to discuss the past, present, and future of luxury.

One thing panelist agree on is that people like to feel a connection with the luxury products they invest in. Knowing where something came from, how it was made, and being able to see the craftsmanship in the end result makes a huge difference in the luxury experience.

That's why the Volvo XC90 uses real wood accents, and quality, authentic materials.

Volvo takes a strong stance on environmental responsibility, quality vehicles, safety, and making life simpler and more relaxed for drivers. After watching the panel, it seems that those long-standing company goals are aligning beautifully with today's evolving concept of what luxury means.

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