Catch Up on What You Missed at the Volvo V90's Live Reveal

The Volvo XC90 is already available through Borton Volvo's new inventory. This spring, the Volvo S90 will arrive in Golden Valley, MN.

We've known for a while that this series would be rounded out with the Volvo V90, but we hadn't been allowed a look at it... until now.

Now that the seal of secrecy has been broken, expect many more videos and hype about Volvo's newest station wagon. We're sure to have more details as we get closer to the V90's release date.

What we found out from the reveal is that the V90 will feature an upgraded version of IntelliSafe. Previous models have the ability to detect objects in and near the road, and distinguish the shape of pedestrians and bicyclists. New large animal detection will add the ability to distinguish and respond to animals like moose and deer.

The V90's version of IntelliSafe will include Pilot Assist, which allows drivers to relax during heavy traffic. Pilot Assist will maintain a safe following distance automatically, so you can take your feet off the pedals, and will even follow lane markings so you could -- in theory -- take your hands off the wheel. It is advised to keep at least one hand on the wheel for safety, and to avoid breaking traffic laws.

If you're as excited as we are about the cutting-edge technology Volvo is continually advancing, we hope you'll pay us a visit, and test drive a vehicle with us.

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