The XC90 is Literally the Best

It's official: the Volvo XC90 is the "Best of 2016." This appointment comes from, a premiere automotive research and classifieds website. Categories taken into consideration during the judging process were quality, innovation, and value, and the XC90 clearly excelled in all three.

"The Volvo XC90's Best Of 2016 win can be summed up in one word: execution," reads a blurb from the website. "What's too often lost on shoppers is how varied the performance and effectiveness of features can be among models that seem to be equally equipped. On paper, the XC90 looks like most luxury SUVs, distinguished mainly by its stately exterior styling and a list of active-safety features above and beyond what competitors offer....Get behind the wheel, however, and you encounter distinctive styling and high quality in everything from the look of its materials to the feel of its few mechanical controls." Follow the link below for more details.



If you and your family deserve the best, then that means you deserve a Volvo XC90. Come out to Borton Volvo Golden Valley at 905 Hampshire Avenue S and test drive one today.

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