The Nordic Model for Self-Driving Cars

Volvo representatives joined up with legislators and academics at the Swedish Parliament to discuss the future of self-driving vehicles. It is part of what they're calling the Nordic Model.

"The Nordic model is very important because when we work on those complex societal issues, we have to have this broad collaboration," says Anna Nilsson-Ehle of Chalmers University, "and I think if we can show how this works it can really be an inspiration for other places in the world."

Debates like this recent one, Volvo believes, are very important.

"Bringing the people on board who are responsible for liability issues, legislation issues, infrastructure -- that is, the road conditions," says Volvo President & CEO, Hakan Samuelsson, "they should be involved in the project, so that we can really create a system that works together in society."

In other words, you can't simply build cars with perfect sensors and software that can drive on public roads. You need the traffic authorities to understand what you are doing. You need insurance companies to know what to do with you. You need security experts to make sure these cars can't be hacked. The Nordic model means collaboration, and Volvo hopes the rest of the world will follow their lead.

Until fully self-driving cars are available, we hope you'll come down to Borton Volvo and test drive a new Volvo in Golden Valley with semi-autonomous safety features that come standard.

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