Elegant Scandinavian design and semi-autonomous driving technology come standard on the all-new 2017 Volvo S90. Motortrend described it as “…a uniquely appealing luxury sedan, and not just because it’s different, but because it’s good at being different.”


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The confident S90’s shaping speaks for itself. The grille looks powerful and clean without being overly simple and exclusive light alloy wheels are crafted with painstaking attention to detail and available in an array of designs and dimensions.

The interior engages your senses as you inhale the subtle aroma of nappa leather and run your hand over the natural wood grain. Experience in the pure clear sound of the Bowers & Wilkins audio system, which includes 19 speakers to fill the cabin with music.

The S90 is a technological marvel. The user-friendly Sensus system is how you communicate with your car, so Volvo designed the interface to be intuitive and integrated it into the dash. CleanZone technology filters dust, pollen, particles and odors from the cabin and automatically monitors pollutant levels. Pilot Assist helps with steering, acceleration, deceleration and braking (up to 80mph), allowing you to choose when to you want to re-engage in routine driving. City Safety and Large Animal Detection prepare the brakes for collision risks ahead. The Volvo On Call app allows you to set the interior climate from your smart phone, so the car is set to your comfort level when you arrive – no matter the weather outside.

To schedule a test drive, contact Borton Volvo or stop by our showroom at 905 Hampshire Avenue S in Golden Valley, MN.

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