This year, Volvo is recruiting people in Gothenburg, Sweden to participate in Drive Me, their research project on autonomous driving. The project takes place on public roads and enlists local drivers that will integrate autonomous driving technology into their daily routines. Volvo takes a people-first approach to technology, so the program will allow drivers to switch from supervised mode to unsupervised mode – enabling them to sit back and either relax or work safely.

Participants will drive a pre-selected route, as Volvo collects data relating to safety, user experience, traffic flow and energy efficiency. Researchers will work closely with the participants, gaining unique insights and learning about the driver's behavior behind the wheel while experiencing autonomous driving. The pilot program will expand from Sweden to the United Kingdom and China, allowing Volvo to explore different traffic environments, learn to adapt to a variety of settings and eventually meet the demands required by customers' needs in multiple scenarios and locations.

At Borton Volvo, we're excited to learn more about the Volvo Drive Me project. We invite you to visit our dealership at 905 Hampshire Avenue South in Golden Valley, MN, to shop our great assortment of Volvo vehicles.

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