With each new season outside Minneapolis, it's imperative a Golden Valley driver has their respective vehicle prepped for seasonal challenges. This never more prudent given our climate and inclement weather on the way.

As such, Borton Volvo Cars provides the St. Paul driver with a complete menu of fall-themed maintenance procedures to take full advantage of.

Preventative Maintenance for Autumnal Driving

Your Volvo luxury vehicle is an extension of your personality. Though, it's also a means of safe conveyance during the daily commute or when shuffling family to and from activities.

Consequently, your Volvo XC40 must be able to perform at an elevated level without worry. Enabling this sense of confidence in your Volvo luxury model is preventative maintenance performed by Volvo-trained technicians in a state-of-art facility.

Found below are the most common and important maintenance services for autumnal driving past Eden Prairie:

  • Oil changes enhance fuel efficiency by swapping out degraded oil for a fresh supply.
  • Tire rotations help to mitigate patterns of wear and extend the life of any tire set.
  • Brake system inspections will identify rotors and pads too worn for continued service and need of brake fluid replenishment.
  • Wiper blades should be replaced at every new season along with a topping-off of washer fluid.
  • Batteries serviced and tested allow for confident starts wherever you find yourself in Minnetonka.
  • Engine belts and hoses should be examined for loose fits and material integrity.
  • Headlamps and taillights are inspected for proper light emitted and any issues with housing units.

And with every Volvo maintenance procedure performed is the accompanying multipoint inspection at Borton Volvo Cars.

Borton Volvo Cars – Offering Fall-Themed Maintenance Near St. Paul, MN

Make your fall-maintenance appointment online or simply visit our local, Minneapolis-area Volvo campus for immediate attention.


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