Your Volvo S60, Volvo XC90, Volvo C40, or any other model needs suitable preparation for the colder weather to avoid breakdowns in the winter. Here are ways to get proper care for your automobile at our service center.

Review Your Antifreeze Levels

Antifreeze prevents your engine from freezing in cold St. Paul weather. For safe winter driving, it is crucial to maintain an ample reserve of antifreeze. You can come to our service center to have our technicians check and refill your antifreeze and other fluids.

Replace Oil

No matter the time of year, checking your oil is vital to the health of your vehicle. But the winter months are particularly crucial. It is best to check your oil level and change to a thinner oil made for winter driving since cold temperatures might cause your typical oil to thicken.

Test Your Heater

You want to drive around Minnetonka with an effective heating system in your vehicle this winter. Run your heating system ahead of time to ensure it functions well, and allow our technicians to check it. This test allows you to get repairs before the freezing weather hits. Our service team can check the functionality of your heating system.

Inspect Your Tires

One of the worst times for breakdowns is during the winter. Allow our service team to check the wear on each tire and review your tire pressure levels. It is also good to get your tires rotated before the worst of winter arrives. We can also replace your tires with winter ones to ensure they are well-equipped to handle icy Eden Prairie roads.

Rely on Genuine Volvo Parts

As we conduct services on your vehicle, we always use genuine Volvo parts where they are required. These get constructed specifically for your Volvo model, enabling it to perform optimally and allowing it to last much longer.

Prep Your Volvo Car for Winter

Schedule a service appointment online or visit our location in Golden Valley if you require more assistance winterizing your vehicle. We'd love to help you and hope to see you at Borton Volvo Cars soon.

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