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Volvo Shapes the Future of Autonomous Driving with Their Drive Me Project

This year, Volvo is recruiting people in Gothenburg, Sweden to participate in Drive Me, their research project on autonomous driving. The project takes place on public roads and enlists local drivers that will integrate autonomous driving technology into their daily routines. Volvo takes a people-first approach to technology...

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Explore Volvo’s IntelliSafe

Volvo has made a committed to making driving more easy and safer. They’ve envisioned the world where no one is killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by the year 2020. Volvo has created a suite of IntelliSafe technologies that help support their drivers. This technology help prevent accidents while protecting you if one occurs. Below are two technologies you will find in...

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Volvo Is Offering Drivers Technology Like No Other

Volvo has set a standard to build their vehicles around making life easier and more comfortable for their owners. This is why Volvo models come with more standard state of the art technology and safety features you’d expect from any car. The 2017 S60 Cross Country is one of these models. The new S60 possesses a matchless combination of sedan styling with rugged capability to take you beyond the city roads. Let…

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It’s Been a Good July (and a Good Year) for Volvo Cars USA

While we don’t like to focus too much on the numbers here at Borton Volvo, sometimes the data are just too good to ignore. Not only did Volvo Cars USA have a wonderful July, but July 2016’s sales growth of 52.8 percent over July 2015 also extends the number of months Volvo Cars USA has shown consecutive double-digit sales growth to thirteen.



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Is the Country Ready for Autonomous Driving? Survey Says…Meh


In a survey conducted recently, Volvo Cars asked folks to respond to some simple statements regarding autonomous driving to gauge the overall opinion of the country toward its imminent arrival. Unsurprisingly, the results were mixed, with folks in New York and California seemingly more ready for autonomous cars than other states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, or Texas. Check below for even more ambiguity!



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2017 Volvo S90 Impresses Automotive News Gauntlet

Volvo took the SUV segment by storm when they launched the XC90 last year. Now, they're preparing to do the same thing with luxury sedans. The S90, set to launch later this summer, is currently in the hands of many automotive publications. Their take away? Not only is this one solid sedan, it even could one-up offerings from other automakers.

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