Overseas Delivery Checklist

Checklist for Overseas Delivery Tourist Customers At Borton Volvo 

  • Fill out Order Form
  • Fill out and sign Swedish Application for temporary registration
  • Fill out and sign the Power of Attorney form.
  • Submit a $2,000 deposit
  • Provide photocopy of your Passport.
  • Provide photocopy of your Driver's License.
  • In about 15 working days, Volvo will send an order confirmation package , which includes: 1. The Order Confirmation for your car order. Please compare Confirmation to your original order to check that everything is correct. 1. The Confirmation will also show your order number and scheduled delivery date. 1. Instructions for organizing travel through our Travel Department. 1. Information on your specified delivery point 

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Final Payment is due at the Retailer 30 days before delivery (pick up.) 

Make sure you bring the final payment receipt or contract copy obtained from your Volvo retailer when taking delivery of your car in Europe. 
Proof of 
payment is required. 

5 - 7 working days before you leave, call or send an e-mail to the Reception at the Factory Delivery Center to confirm your flight arrival and delivery appointment, as well as schedule transportation from the airport. Remember the time difference: call before 10 am Eastern / 7 am Pacific etc. (Phone: 011 46-31-59 28 65) or e-mail: fdc@volvocars.com

  • If your delivery is outside of the Factory, contact the delivery center as instructed on page two in the order confirmation booklet, and call Agent to confirm. Please note: transportation from the airport is not included outside Gothenburg. 
  • Travel to Europe. Enjoy!! 
  • Turn car in to our Home Shipment Agent. Only the person listed on the title can drop off the car. 

Retain the papers; you will need them. Note: You must pay any necessary drop-off fee at the time of drop off, in the local currency.

Your Volvo will follow in about 8-12 weeks depending on the port of entry.

Pick up your Volvo at Borton Volvo
Bring Bill of Sale, MSO, and US Customs Clearance form to the DMV in order to completely register the car.
Please contact Volvos Customer Care Center with any questions you may have,
Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm EST.
Phone: 1-800-631-1667
Fax: 1-800-992-3970