Overseas Delivery Testimonials

The opportunity to travel to Sweden and take delivery of my new Volvo S40 was in itself an awesome experience. Throw in the savings on the MSRP, roundtrip airfare for two, and the option to add on a three day stay in Rome for an extremely reasonable price - how could I not take advantage of this offer? On top of that, it was easy to book the trip to fit my schedule. My great-grandparents emigrated from Sweden, so it was great to have the opportunity to pick up my car at the Volvo factory in Gothenburg and visit the areas of Sweden my family came from. Places like Smaland, Kalmar, Morlunda and Varmland are now real to me, rather than just names of some distant hard to pronounce places from long ago family history. When I completed the trip, I only had to drop my car off at the Volvo factory and everything was hassle free and taken care of from dealing with the excise taxes, import duties to the ride to the airport.

- Kevin L.

"My wife and I found the international delivery program to be absolutely outstanding. We were able to pick out the exact model that we wanted, get a great flight from SAS airlines, and have a wonderful trip in Sweden driving our new Volvo throughout the country side. Upon telling our friends about the trip, they wonder what the 'catch' is. There is none. We would highly recommend this route to obtaining a Volvo."

- Paul, Melissa, and Zoe O.

In May of '08 my wife, Susan, and I had the most memorable experience of our lifetime. We were priveleged to work through Mr. Thomas Wos and Borton Volvo to get our V70 Wagon just as we wished with all the equipment to our liking.

Volvo, from the signing of the contract, moved with remarkable efficiency and excellence to get us flight tickets to and from Gotenberg, splendid accomodations at a Radisson Hotel for the overnights, a marked tour with a map green-lined to Stockholm and back, reservations along the route at a discounted rate, every documentation needed for travel in country, and a delivery of the new car at the factory. The tour through the factory was astonishing. I never saw so many robots! We drove ours away with 18 miles on it and put another 1100 miles on it as we toured the parts of the country where my wife's ancestors lived in the ago.

We tell anyone who even thinks of buying a new car to investigate the Overseas Delivery Program of Volvo, and if they do so, I am convinced they too will have an experience that will last a lifetime.

P. S. Our V70 wagon is the fifth wagon for us in more than 30yrs. Our '95 one has 401,000 miles on it and looks showroom fine!

We would welcome any contact to answer questions about our trip and the new V70! Thanks to these most excellent people who make Volvos possible!

- Wayne S.

"In a word: INCREDIBLE! Volvo Overseas is INCREDIBLE! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Fabulous treatment from Borton to Sweden and back again. I absolutey love my car. I really wanted to show my colleagues and customers how wonderful they are to me by driving such a beautiful car, and my Celestial Blue C70 convertible is the perfect car. I can drive it everyday, even all winter, and I can hardly wait to put the top down again this Spring. The Overseas Delivery experience was an extra treat that made my Volvo extra special!"

- Kim G.

I bought my first Volvo in 1983, a new '84 244DL. Not a surprise to many Volvo owners, it still safely transports my kids between home and college every day. My last two car purchases have been new S40's through the Overseas Delivery Program with Borton Volvo. In 2005, we visited the Volvo Safety Center. In 2008, we got the Torslanda Factory tour. Both trips were experiences of a lifetime thanks to Borton Volvo. I look forward to giving these S40's to my kids (very soon), so we can go back and visit with the people that make the safest and finest cars in the world

- Frank F.

My wife, Lynn, and I had a fantastic experience with the Volvo Overseas Delivery program. We were planning to make a trip over to Norway this past summer anyway, so the 2 free roundtrip tickets to Europe were a huge incentive for us. In addition, being able to drive the car throughout Norway for 2 weeks at no additional cost saved us even more money since we didn't need to rent a car. The process couldn't have been easier or more pleasant. We were picked from the airport in Gothenburg, taken to a very nice hotel (SAS Radisson), picked up again in the morning and taken to the factory. Everyone at the factory was extremely friendly, spoke perfect english, and fast--we drove out of there in our new Volvo in a little more than an hour. Two weeks later we dropped the car off at the factory and within 30 minutes, we being driven back to the airport. Our car arrived 6 or 7 weeks later at Borton Volvo in Minneapolis. We do this again in a heartbeat. While we were at the factory in Gothenburg, we got a sneak peek at the new XC60. Lynn has already decided this is going to be her next car! 

- Brian

Jerry says: "Ya.... we just came back from our villa in the Bahama's! We love to travel, y'know! My wife and I have done the Volvo Overseas trip 8 or 9 times. What BJ and I like best about buying our Volvo's with Borton's Overseas program is the treatment. You just cannot beat they way they treat you, Red carpet all the way. The SAS airline folks, flying with them is such a pleasure, the people are just beautiful. From Borton Volvo, the airport, the hotel, the factory, they really go out of their way to make you feel like a king, and queen! And the food at the factory in Sweden is great. We like to take the tour at the factory each time. It's really fascinating to see the way the Volvo is built. Best of all, Volvo even pays for our air tickets!. It just boils down to being a pretty damn good deal, over all. People can't believe it. They wonder if it's legit... how do you get your car home to America, how do you get insurance.... it all works! Never a problem. You can call me or BJ if you ever need a testimonial!"

- Jerry and Bjorg H.

A free trip , the car costs less, and it really is fun driving your new car out of the showroom in Sweden. We've always wondered why anyone would buy a volvo and not pick it up in Sweden.

- Dean E.

Too Good to be True!

When we first heard about Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program - we knew there must be a catch. A free trip to Sweden - discounts on the price of the car - one night hotel stay and 15 days insurance covered - and free return of the car to Borton Volvo - NO WAY!

Well, we made our first trip to pick-up an XC90 the summer of 2003, and everything they promised was true, and more, Volvo's travel agency took care of all of our needs and made this an experience of a lifetime. We were able to visit relatives in Norway, see some of Sweden and Denmark, and only had to cover our lodging, gas and food expenses during our two weeks in Scandinavia.

In 2005 we returned to pick-up our S60, and again in 2007 for an XC70, but this time qualified for the post-trip options in Barcelona and Rome. Three days and nights, at a reasonable price, with transportation, breakfast and lodging covered - plus a second free night in Goteborg, Sweden. We're thinking that 2010 will be time for another trip to Sweden for a new Volvo.

Last spring our son Eric decided it was his turn. So during his Spring Break from teaching, he picked-up a S30 with the same wonderful experience.

Borton Volvo does a fantastic job of working out all the details for you, and Martin does everything but pack your bags for you before you leave for Sweden. We know you will find this a great way to not only discover how great Volvo cars are - but also see some beautiful scenery from the comfort and safety of your own Volvo.

- John S.