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Whether you need replacement and repair parts installed, major or minor repairs, or routine preventative maintenance, Borton Volvo Cars is your go-to place. We proudly offer car drivers around Houston high-quality car services that they can count on. With certified technicians, the latest automotive tech and tools, and OEM parts and accessories, we have all you need to maintain the performance and condition of your car, SUV, or truck. Do not hesitate to call us or check our service specials to get a great deal on your next car repair and maintenance service.

Oil Change Service

Are you interested in changing your car's oil? Or do you have any questions regarding changing your car's oil? Borton Volvo Cars, we answer the questions about ideal car maintenance, starting with the oil change. Unfortunately, most car owners fail to know the right time to change their vehicle's oil. Some even go to the extent of failing to change the oil. A routine oil change is crucial if you want to ensure the smooth running of your car's engine. Failure to change your SUV's, truck's, or sedan's engine oil can result in serious engine damage that might be costly.

At Borton Volvo Cars, we provide Houston drivers with the affordability, precision, and convenience they need to change their cars' oil. Furthermore, it's our duty to make routine preventative maintenance services like oil changes and tire rotations as easy and affordable as possible. This ensures that our customers keep their used and new models for sale in optimal condition. Come to our dealership today to learn more about the benefits of scheduling regular oil changes.

Why are Oil Changes Crucial?

Car oil is the lifeblood of all gasoline-propelled engines. One duty of engine oil is to cool and lubricate the engine's moving components, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Failure to lubricate the engine properly can cause overheating and even serious damage. However, after some time, the engine oil becomes less effective in lubricating and cooling the engine parts due to wear particles found in the engine. Therefore, oil changes help ensure that your car's engine has enough oil to cool and lubricate its parts to avoid overheating.

When Should You Change your Engine's Oil?

The general rule is to schedule an oil change every 3,000 miles. For proper oil changes, you should learn to consult the manufacturer's manual to know when to schedule your oil changes. However, it's good to note that synthetic oils have a longer lifespan than conventional oils, but your riding habits can affect your oil change intervals.

How to Know if Your Car Oil Is Bad?

Most new and used cars come with a digital readout that notifies drivers to change their engine oils. However, drivers who want to check their oil the traditional way can pull the dipstick and check it. If the dipstick has dark brown, milky, and gritty oil with globs, they should schedule an oil change appointment.

Where to Get High-Quality Oil Change near Houston?

Houston drivers who want effective and speedy oil changes can consider visiting our service center. We have experienced and certified technicians who can help you with your car repair and maintenance needs. In addition, we offer oil service coupons that help you save more on your next oil change appointment.

Visit Borton volvo Cars for Your Next Oil Appointment

Are you looking for a place to change your car engine's oil? We welcome you to our service center, where customer satisfaction is our top-most priority. Our service department provides drivers with high-quality auto service and discounted prices. Contact us today to schedule your next oil change appointment.

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